WEBINAR – Backup Servicing 2.0: Key elements for today’s lenders

A webinar addressing the recent shakeups in Marketplace Lending

Recent events in the marketplace lending industry warrant a discussion of what backup servicing is, and what it should be, in an industry that is redefining the future of consumer finance.  Just as First Associates broke new ground as the first (and still only) FinTech servicing platform, we have steadily changed the dynamics of backup servicing through technology, out-of-the-box thinking and a keen focus on supporting our clients’ needs.

In this brief but informative webinar, you’ll learn the factors needed to create robust backup servicing in the marketplace lending environment.

We’ll discuss

  • Upgrades that protect your portfolio
  • The systems and technology needed to scale quickly in the case of rapid growth or a trigger event
  • How leveraging strong institutional relationships can fuel your growth
  • Factors needed to make conversions happen in under 30 days