First Associates Loan Servicing CEO David Johnson to Speak at Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit 2016

First Associates Loan Servicing, LLC, the nation’s fastest growing loan servicing company, announced today that CEO David Johnson will be speaking at the Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit 2016 in Dana Point, CA, on December 5th.

The Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit is an educational forum for financial services professionals to delve into industry topics and trends to maximize returns and reduce risk in the growing field of marketplace lending. Topics will include legal, tax and structural considerations, rating agency methodology, and information and tools for attendees to keep up with this dynamic industry.

Johnson will moderate a session entitled “Getting Prepared as a First-Time Securitization Issuer,” which will address what potential new issuers need to know to begin a successful securitization operation.

First Associates has participated in dozens of rated and unrated marketplace lender securitizations involving many of the industry’s top platforms and investment firms. As a bridge between originators and capital markets, First Associates is a trusted intermediary for, and advisor to, the diverse participants in the securitization process from sponsors to rating agencies.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity for marketplace lending leaders to exchange ideas and advance our industry,” Johnson said. “We’re happy to share our experiences with those who can benefit from what we’ve learned over the years.”

“Opal Group is proud to have David Johnson as a speaker at the Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit. The summit brings together some of the thought leaders and market movers within the marketplace lending & alternative financing industry,” said Abe Wellington, CEO of Opal Group. “The insights and networking that will be shared throughout the conference will certainly prove valuable to all of the platforms, debt and equity investors, bankers, regulatory experts and service providers within the field.”

Johnson has a well-earned reputation in the lending industry as a leader with a passion for innovation and cutting-edge approaches to technology and processes. His 30-year career includes broad experience in finance, technology, and energy. As CEO, Johnson has grown First Associates from a small service provider to a leading fintech servicer.

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