Why First Associates?

First Associates offers a wide variety of services and supports a wide range of asset classes. We have a strong technology focus, a team with in-depth industry expertise and experience, and the ability to scale our services to meet your specific needs. We are an innovation leader in the consumer finance industry.

Our business model is built with your success in mind, to deliver:

  • Scalability—our cloud-based infrastructure is built to grow as fast as you can
  • Flexibility—we service a range of new and innovative financial products and can meet your specific needs
  • Security—our industrial-strength technology provides you with peace of mind
  • Compliance—our extensive compliance experience can work for you
  • SSAE 16 II—we don’t just talk about process standards, we undergo rigorous third-party process audits to manage and monitor performance

We achieve our business goals by helping you achieve yours!

Working with First Associates means:

  • Faster growth
  • Greater capabilities
  • Lower cost
  • Turnkey industry expertise

The solution is clear: First Associates.

First Associates Loan Servicing Receives Top Ranking from Morningstar Credit Ratings
First Associates Loan Servicing has been assigned a MOR RV1 Residential Vendor Ranking as a Consumer Finance Servicer from Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC, New York with a forecast of stable.