Backup Servicing

First Associates provides high-quality backup servicing, a vital component of today’s financial transactions. We’re well respected throughout the financial community and have existing relationships with rating agencies, money center banks, investment banks, trustees, and other financial market participants. In today’s financial world, networks and relationships make all the difference.

We provide a full range of backup servicing options, all of which are:

  • Approved by major Wall Street trustees
  • Compliant with rating agency requirements
  • Safe and secure
  • Configurable to specific deal requirements including Cold, Warm and Hot configurations

Partnering with First Associates for your backup servicing allows you to quickly and easily fulfill your backup servicing requirements with a company you trust. First Associates “has your back” so you can move your business forward.

Call us today at (858) 999-3064 to learn more about the advantages of our backup servicing program or request a phone consultation by clicking here.