Support Services

Do what you do best; we’ll handle everything else. First Associates’ experience with support services allows you to outsource these activities and focus on your core business. We can help you create scalability, keep costs low, and bring in turnkey expertise and capabilities.

Paying Agent/Collateral Management
Eliminate the need to shop for additional third-party service providers by choosing First Associates Loan Servicing for your fund administration needs.  First Associates Loan Servicing has the expertise, infrastructure, and cloud-based technology to provide best-in-class paying agent and collateral management services.

Document Custodial Services
Today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape calls for a more sophisticated approach to document custody.  First Associates goes beyond simply storing documents.  Our document custody solutions include a number of customizable service levels to meet your company’s specific needs.

Contract Verification
First Associates’ Contract Verification program provides investors with the peace of mind of knowing that consumer loan contracts are accurate, complete and meet the criteria for the funding program. First Associates generates a Verification Report detailing the loans that are eligible for advance and an Exception Report detailing specific reason that each loan was rejected.

First Associates’ complete turnkey remarketing services have an industry-best level of performance. We handle cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and motor homes across the country.

UCC Management
We offer a fully automated solution to file UCCs at both the state and county level. We handle all filing, tracking and custodial tasks for renewals, transfers, closings, and cancellations. We also offer an automated solution for accessing important information for your UCC filings, including assessor parcel numbers, legal descriptions, vestings, and more.

Verification Calls
The purchase verification process can be time-consuming, but it’s a proven way to reduce instances of fraud and increase customer satisfaction. We’ll call your customers to confirm they did in fact buy the item in question and ensure they understand the terms of their obligation. We can also help customers with scheduling payments and measure customer satisfaction levels.

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