Marketplace Lending

First Associates is the leading third-party service provider in the  marketplace lending / peer-to-peer industry. Our high-touch levels of service help major peer-to-peer platforms improve portfolio performance.

Marketplace Lending / P2P

First Associates is the leading third-party service provider in the marketplace lending / peer-to-peer industry.  Our high-touch levels of service help major marketplace lending / peer-to-peer platforms improve portfolio performance and build stronger customer relationships. Our modular, turnkey approach to service allows marketplace lending / peer-to-peer companies to focus on their core activities while increasing the scalability of their organizations.

First Associates is also the largest provider of backup servicing in the marketplace lending / peer-to-peer industry, with relationships across the largest marketplace lending / peer-to-peer platforms. Our reputation in the marketplace lending / peer-to-peer market can make it fast and easy for your firm to establish backup servicing for your portfolio.

First Associates is well respected in the marketplace lending / peer-to-peer lending space as a trusted resource that can provide:

  • Delinquency management
  • Backup servicing
  • Loan servicing
  • Verification calls

We look forward to adding value to your marketplace lending / peer-to-peer organization. Contact us today.

Real Clients; Real Results

Challenge: Marketplace lending company with an increasing number of institutional investors as loan buyers needed a backup servicing plan that could cover the company and investors without creating multiple redundant arrangements.

Strategy: First Associates, working with the client, created a backup servicing platform that covered the client’s backup requirements and could be extended to additional investors without significant additional technical investment.

Result: The marketplace lending client was able to satisfy lender requirements while simultaneously reducing investment costs for its institutional investors.

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