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Partner with the nation’s leading solar and energy-efficiency loan servicer. 


First Associates is the one of the largest third-party servicer to the home improvement industry. Our focus on providing turnkey services that enable rapid growth of home improvement companies while delivering high levels of customer service to borrowers and lessees has helped many companies gain a competitive advantage due to superior service and the ability to focus on their core business. Our turnkey infrastructure can support small and large companies.

Real Clients; Real Results

Challenge: Increase market share and strengthen the dealer network of one of the world’s largest solar equipment manufacturers as it entered the U.S. residential solar finance market.

Strategy: First Associates provided everything the manufacturer required for success, including an easy-to-use consumer loan origination portal; sophisticated underwriting and credit decision-making engine; outsourced loan servicing; and multiple support services including UCC and PUC filing and management.

Result: This turnkey approach allowed the manufacturer to enter the market quickly with a scalable solution that was fully compliant and more capable than their competitors’ in-house systems.


First Associates is proud to support companies helping consumers to go green. We support a wide variety of programs in the energy-efficiency market across all states, including portfolios connected with government programs.  First Associates is very experienced in the green space and is also familiar working with state and municipal entities, so we are regularly engaged by companies in the energy-efficiency arena.

Real Clients; Real Results

Challenge: A green energy startup entering the subprime energy-efficiency market with an innovative financing product sought to quickly establish a presence in the market.

Strategy: First Associates provided expertise and program design services to this client, working together closely through the implementation stage of the fully compliant, highly scalable product. Through a combination of core functions including loan origination and loan servicing, combined with add-on activities such as assistance in raising capital, First Associates was able to build the entire operational platform for this client.

Result: This First Associates’ client is now a leading provider in its market.

First Associates is the leading name for solar and energy efficiency services, including:

Loan Servicing

Lease Servicing

PUC Management First Associates also provides fully automated Public Utility Commission (PUC) management, something unique to the California solar energy market. We handle all filing, tracking and custodial tasks for renewals, transfers, closings, and cancellations.

UCC Management We offer a fully automated solution to file UCCs at both the state and county level. We handle all filing, tracking and custodial tasks for renewals, transfers, closings, and cancellations. We also offer an automated solution for accessing important information for your UCC filings, including assessor parcel numbers, legal descriptions, vestings, and more.

Initial Diagnostic Services First Associates can handle the initial diagnostic call from solar energy customers having technical issues. If the situation requires escalation, we hot transfer customers to your technical support center.

Verification Calls The purchase verification process can be time-consuming, but it’s a proven way to reduce instances of fraud and increase customer satisfaction. We’ll call your customers to confirm they did in fact buy the item in question and ensure they understand the terms of their obligation. We can also help customers with scheduling payments and measure customer satisfaction levels.

We look forward to demonstrating our unmatched focus on achieving results.

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