First Associates can help with unsecured consumer loan and lease portfolios ranging from small to large.


First Associates can help with personal loan and lease portfolios ranging from small to large. Our experience in the unsecured consumer market allows us to achieve significantly better results while maintaining a high level of service to your borrowers.

First Associates is often retained by companies with unsecured consumer loans to provide:

  • Loan servicing
  • Lease servicing
  • Verification calls

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Real Clients; Real Results

Challenge: Rapidly growing provider in the consumer leasing market brought on a large national retail chain and needed help creating scalability and achieving higher levels of portfolio performance. This lease-to-own provider experienced growth of over 3,000% in less than 12 months; it was in firefighting mode, defaults began to rapidly escalate, and internal resources to implement changes or improvements were overloaded.

Strategy: First Associates built a bolt-on suite of customized services that were designed in modular fashion, so they could plug into the company’s own service capability and require minimal internal resources to implement.

Result: First payment defaults were reduced by 50% in one month, with no disruption to the company’s other projects. The increased scalability of the new modular insource/outsource approach allowed the company to bring on a second national retail chain within months.

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