Document Custodial Services

Today’s evolving technology landscape calls for a sophisticated approach to document custody. With our cloud-based, cutting-edge solutions and a custodian that received the highest Morningstar MOR RV1 ranking for overall excellence, you can be assured that we can rapidly deploy a highly-customized solution to meet your needs.

First Associates provides a fully electronic environment to store and protect critical documents throughout their entire lifecycle. We maintain the authenticity of original documents, the identity of the signatories and the integrity of the content to safeguard our client’s documents and give them peace of mind knowing their files are protected.

Additional benefits include:

  • A state-of-the-art, cloud-based system to ensure security and data redundancy
  • Seamless integration with client origination and servicing platforms to avoid disruption of your workflow
  • Verification programs that validate and confirm each contract
  • Full transparency and a robust reporting platform
  • Secure, fireproof, climate-controlled physical document storage

First Associates can quickly and expertly handle your company’s document custodial needs. If you’d like to discuss a customized solution, please reach out to us at 888.486.2509 or <> so we can help.